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Simple action of Pause and Un Pause the game
  • HI

       With the simple game I am building, I would like the game to start in paused mode and then for a button to be pressed to un pause . This I thought was going to be the easy part but I am struggling to un pause the game once paused.

     At the moment I have a square object off the side of the screen and this is set so that when the system is activate -> pause the game.

      On the screen itself there is a button which has the action to un pause the game on the mouse down but this button becomes disabled / unuseable because I guess the game is in the paused state. How do I get around this ?


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  • @TimCS on every entity there is a checkbox at the very top of the properties panel. If you un-select that checkbox any logic on that entity will continue to run regardless of if the game is paused or not. This is what you want for any object that needs to still run while the game is paused like a pause and un-pause button.
  • @Lavon

      Thanks for your swift reply -  I presume this is the timescale enabled checkbox ? I will try this out



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