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Bounce / Elastic effect
  • Hi

      I am trying to work out how I can make an object start at a given point on the screen , then with a mouse or touch action, move down to another point in a smooth process but when colliding with another object move back up to where it started but with a bounce or elastic type of effect. Kind of like how a bungee jump .

    I hope that I made sense with all of that :)


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  • Sorry to reply to my own post but on this question I placed, I starting looking at the idea of being able to pull with the finger back on a character and then on letting go , the character who spring forward but then return to where it started.

     How would I best go about doing this in GBS ?


  • @TimCS I'm a little confused with your question. Do you want to drag the player back and have it spring forward into the air at a certain velocity like Angry Birds? or are you trying to drag the object back and just have it animate/snap right back to its original place almost like a puzzle piece game?

    If you just want to add a bounce movement to your animations you can use the Interpolate action and animate an objects' x and y position and apply a Bounce easing to the animation.
  • @Lavon

     Yeah sorry for the confusing I have asked another question regarding this now, I do want to drag back and release like angry birds but where angry birds character goes from left to right my aim with my character is to pull back to go upwards.


  • @TimCS ok to apply an impulse to move up the screen in GBs you just need to apply a negative value in the y direction of the impulse applied. That will move an object up the screen.
  • @Lavon

        Thanks for this again, to be honest this post is starting to relate to my other post titled Drag and Release.



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