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Cant save
  • Hello,

    I can't seem to save my work? Whenever i try and when restart gbs nothing i saved in the project? Am i doing anything wrong or can't you just press the save button?
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  • I get this error when trying to save:

    Error#1009 Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.

    So what is wrong?
  • @Isak This is a null runtime exception in the application. What were you doing before you got this error?
  • @Lavon I was doing som interpolate actions, some animations similar to the hungry hero tutorial.
  • @Isak best thing to do is to send in a link to your project so we can diagnose it. We should be able to recover the project back to a working state as well because its all just a big xml file of data.
  • @Lavon, what do you need the whole catalog? Where do i upload to? As it is for now i am thinking about trying some other software if you can't fix this?

    Kind regards

  • @Isak you probably imported a corrupt asset or deleted an asset but forgot to clean up the reference to the asset on a component that was using it. 

    Its a very easy fix if you zip up your entire project folder and send in a link to it so we can debug it. I assure you your files will not be used or shared anywhere. Use the contact form on our site to send in the link.

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