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How to use Adobe Illustrator with GameBuilder ?
  • Hello,
    i was wondering on how to use the exported .swf from illustrator in GameBuilder ?

    I'm trying to use this configuration on Illustrator : image

    but each time i try to import on GBS i got this error :( !
    Could you help me please ? Thanks !

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  • @Ludovic The export as AI to SWF symbols is suppose to work but it doesn't. You will need to take your AI artwork to Flash Pro and then export your symbols from there.
  • Hi Lavon
    thanks for your answer ! :)
    Do you think it's going to work in futur update or not ?

    I'll try your solution and will come back to you asap :) !

  • @Ludovic I haven't heard of any news of a bug fix on their end.

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