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Unable to add scaled assets
  • when adding assets @2x, @3x I am getting the following error

    A resource from file zoescale.png has already been registered

    NameManager - add- a pbobject with the name ground overlay already exist. Future lookups by this name will return the newest object did you mean to make a template.

    This was working fine a few versions ago

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  • @Carlton are you adding these scaled assets via the multi-resolution tab in the assets panel after selecting an image asset? 
  • Yes, Once i select multi-resolution tab under assets and select my scaled asset I get an error.
    I'm thinking maybe its not added the asset to the right resolution folder under the asset resources.
  • @Carlton this doesn't make sense because adding an asset doesn't create an object or register a new asset. It just copies the selected asset to the resources folder in the correct sub folder. Take a screen shot of where you are importing the asset and maybe even the error to give me a bit more context.
  • @Carlton are you still seeing this issue with the latest build?
  • no, adding assets with different resolutions now work.

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