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  • @Vadim, Go to the Hero object. Open the "UpdateDistanceScore" action under the Logic_HeroState's "Flying" state and change the expression to increment using a fixed value instead of based on time:

    Entity.DistanceTxt.Properties.distance + 20

    You could also create a property on the DistanceTxt object called distanceIncrease and reference it in the expression directly like this Entity.DistanceTxt.Properties.distanceIncrease
  • Hi Lavon,

    I completed all Course it's very interesting adventure and explain base component system in GameBuilder Studio. But I have some bug in my Game:

    --- When the GAME_OVER state begin and then I press the button Play Again the distance is not reset to 0 and continues counting from first play. I've even tried to reset Game.Time.virtualTime = 0 in GAME_STARTED state but it did not help.
  • @Vadim, go to the GlobalGameState entity and add an action to the "Logic_StateMachine" component to change the distance property back to 0 when the GAME_STARTED state is entered. Also update the display with the new distance value.

    "Game.Time.virtualTime" is an expression property and it is read-only. You can not change those system values.
  • @Lavon I have already done all of these steps, they are covered in details in the tutorial.

    I show you in my screens:

    But the problem is still the same
  • @Lavon Now it's work, the problem was in Game.Time.virtualTime, that could tick even when Game is Over
  • I think your Forum Engine has some Bugs, when I answer to you, your answer is disappear)
  • @Vadim, its not a bug. When you click the up vote arrow icon on a comment it pushes the comment to the top of the list as the most relevant response to the topic of this post. Its the first comment now. :)
  • I've been working through the tutorial and came across a slight problem. I'm not sure what I missed on the Aircraft Obstacle Setup (pt. 8) but the spawned objects are not spawning from the random type/number. The aircraft that randomly spawns in each position of the screen is whichever one I have set for the default in ObstacleAnimations. I thought I followed all the steps precisely, but something has to be left out. Any ideas? 
  • Nevermind, figured out where I went wrong.
  • @Justin My spawned objects works perfect. I do all things step by step. Try to dell your object and create it again.
  • @Vadim, @Justin, can you guys please leave a good review on the course when you complete it? It helps to boost the visibility of the course on Udemy.
  • Okay Lavon, will do that now.

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