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Ability to modify permissions in android manifest file
  • Is it possible that you guys could build in a way to modify the android manifest.

    My issue is the following I have an app that doesn't require internet or local storage to the device.

    However everytime I deploy the game I am getting the permissions screen when installing on android that says the app can access your sdcard and may require full network access or wi fi.

    I tried to remove the plugin's I thought that may be doing this and still receive the same permissions in the screen.

    It would be nice if under publish I could click view android manifest and modify it right there, or be able to remove permissions via checkbox style for android and any other build that may require the same.

    Thank you
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  • @Carlton yes those are default permissions added by GBs. Now that we have the capability for each plugin to determine which permissions it requires we can remove these built-in default permissions. Look for this to be cleared in the next build. 

    Yes the ability to manipulate the android manifest is a feature that is coming. To what extent you will be able to do so will be determined because we have to make sure you are not able to remove required permissions for dependent plugins used in the current project and then have things breaking on the device and you don't know why.

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