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A couple of questions?
  • Hello i was wondering is it possible to make the flash player open onto of the GBS window it annoys me that i have to klick up the player every time.

    Second would it be possible if you made an separate panel for the layers? so we don't have to click on the tabs back and forth so much?

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  • @Isak the application focus requires taking control of other applications' focus so this may not be doable. We can look into it but have you tried just quick application toggling using COMMAND/ALT + Shift + TAB ?

    Making configurable panels was on the agenda a while back but there are so many other things that are higher priority this one fell. From a scale of 1 to 10 how important is this feature to you as a user?
  • @Lavon Okay, it would just be easier i know that in stencyl the flash player launched over the app when i used it. 

    For me it would be really great and important i would say an 8. I am just not a big fan of tabs, i like have all panels available when i work=)
  • @Lavon and everyone else i have found a way to get the flash player open up on the mac.

    Make an extra desktop, right click on the flash player in the dock and make the flash player only open on the desktop you just created. When you launch inside GBS OS X automatically switch to the second desktop and you have the flash player infront you=)

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