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The asset panel
  • Hello i think this is a bug? I get this often! If i import an asset into the asset panel and when after changed it reimport it it won't import because it says that asset already exist so i tries to delete it but that aint possible. If i removes the asset from the folder it just says the ship.png can't be found on disk?

    Is there some way to purge the project or something like that?

    Kind regards
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  • @Isak you should always delete the asset from the asset panel which will delete it from the resources folder. Are you deleting the asset from inside the editor and then re-importing it and getting this error message?
  • @Lavon yes after deleting it from inside the panel i can't import again because it says that the asset already exists? would be great if where was a way to just overwrite the asset?
  • @Lavon i got another error now, i really want to use gbs but this is getting really annoying. Now i added an json and png and it worked but i needed to change something so i deleted it in the assets panel and tried to readd it but i get the message "WARNING: registerLocalResource - A resource from file star_ship.son has already been registered" What do i have to do to avoid this error?

  • @Isak a fix for this issue is in the new build that just went live.

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