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Isometric tile order
  • Hi there, i am trying to play around with an isometric level and i have only gotten as far as placing assets on the grid before i noticed some weirdness so im hoping someone can shed some light as to what i might be doing wrong.

    I am placing trees one by one in order so that the trees are in front of the one before it based on the perspective. However when i launch the scene in flash player, it is not honoring the order, and one of my tiles (one that i imported myself) is in front of a tree when it should be behind, as per the order in gamebuilder. So in short, the order is correct in gamebuilder, but incorrect when launched in flash player.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Many thanks
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  • @Nicole the layer order should be working correctly. What kind of tiles are you placing? Are you setting the isometric volume to the correct grid size so that each tile knows its bounds? The easiest thing to do may be to zip up your project and upload it to something like dropbox and send it in via our contact page so I can take a look at it.
  • @Nicole also the location of the registration point will effect the order of the tiles. At runtime the scene does auto depth sorting even though you have arranged items in a certain order in the editor. This can be turned off by setting the autoSort property of the scene layer to false. The autoSort property is on the scene object that is on the isometric renderer. So the property reference location would be something like @Renderer.scene.autoSort.

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