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Critical problem storing and loading a listdatacontainer
  • With a simple test I can show you the problem:
    Step 1 I created a listdatacontainer. With a property item0 with value zozo
    Step 2 I stored the listdatacontainer
    Step 3 I loaded the listdatacontainer
    Result : all values of the listdatacontainer has become the id of the properties inside the container. For example item0 will have value item0.

    I hope you can fix this in the next release. Jelle
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  • By the way, I did the same test with a datacontainer instead of a listdatacontainer and with the datacontainer it does work as expected.
  • @Jelle which version of GBs are you using? I have not been able to reproduce this. Keep in mind the list entry name can not be changed on a ListDataComponent.
  • @Jelle how are you validating the value of the items in the list? Is it showing item0 in the value field inside the editor after reloading the project?
  • No im logging the value of it... before saving and loading it has a value set by me. After saving and loading logging the value displays the id of the value and the value has been removed. I could send the project file or the shared object file? But its a very basic example, im using v0.9.8

    Im just:
    • creating a listdatacontainer with 1 item0 with a value "testvalue"

    then creating a rulesmap triggering the following
    • local storage save listdatacontainer
    • log output  Self.ListDataContainer.item0 displaying "testvalue"
    • local storage load listdatacontainer 
    • log output  Self.ListDataContainer.item0 displaying "item 0"

    First log outputs the value set by me "testvalue"
    seconde log outputs the id that overrides the value. "item 0"
  • @Jelle oh ok I understand. The Local Storage action has a bug in it when loading a List Data component from storage. This will be fixed in the next build.

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