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Touch Input Question
  • Hello,

    I am pretty new to and forums and the engine.
    I would like to know, how to setup the touch input so if the player touches on the left part of the screen,
    move the character left and same for the right.
    I would like to use this method without having two different objects on the screen.

    I did:
    (My width of the game is 640)
    Game.Touch.TouchPoint1.x  <= 320
    Interpolate Action

    But when I click it only moves once, do you know where is the problem here?

    Thank you
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  • @Stylianos can you grab a screen shot of your action properties?

    I would create a rule with two conditions. One to check for the mouse up and one to check the touchPoint1.x property is <= 320. Set the rule condition type to "ALL". Then trigger the Interpolate Action to move your object. Make sure that you check the "Run to Completion" checkbox otherwise the interpolate action will be stopped before it is completed its animation.

  • image

    Still it doesn't work..
    Also, is there any other way to move an object without interpolate?
  • @Stylianos can you provide a screenshot of the interpolate property action window? 

    If the object is a collision object and it is not dynamic that could cause it to not move. You can move objects by setting their linearVelocity directly or using the Move action but the interpolate property action is the best if you want to animate an object to a specific spot.
  • Thank you for your responses, I fixed it eventually!

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