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A couple noob questions
  • Hello!
    As the title suggests, I have a couple of questions while I develop my first game with GameBuilder Studio.

    - How to randomize? 
    I read in the documentation I should use random(), but it doesn't explain how you actually use it
    random(1,2) between those values? I tried it but it doesn't work. 
    You could add an example for each expression in the docs.  

    - How to say infinite number?
    For example in the "Play count" I want to say infinite, how do I write it? I searched in the documentation but I didn't find anything

    - Adding to variables I did the following:
    #Globals.Data.Score = (Expression) Globals.Data.Score + 1, but it doesn't work.

    - Can the Touch function be simulated with the mouse in the editor?

    - Is it possible to scale the fonts in the editor if you use bitmaps? I tried it but doesn't work.

    Sorry for the long post, whenever you have time please reply.
    Thanks for reading!.

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  • @Stylianos randomRange(Min, Max) takes a minimum and max value and it will give you a random number between that range. random() will just give you a random number.

    For the interpolate action if you want infinite looping pass a play count of -1.
    For the timer action if you want it an infinite loop then set the repeat count to 0

    If you want increment a variable by one you will need to use a set property action and change the value type to Expression. Reference the property you want to increment using a property reference. Then put Globals.Data.Score + 1 in your expression input. As long as the "Score" property is an int or a Number it should work.

    Not sure what you are asking about the touch simulation.

    You can not scale fonts. If you want to have dynamically scaling font you would have to use a basic text renderer not bitmap fonts. Or you can use multi-resolution support and include the bitmap font sheet at different resolutions but that does not really scale the size it just makes sure the font is not blurry on higher resolution devices.

    Yes you are correct we have more work to do on our documentation. It will be addressed.

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