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Importing SVG vector assets?
  • Hello i tried to convert an png to svg online and import but GBS don't recognize it? Does it have to be an SWF and do i need flash to make a conversion like that? I want to be able to scale the asset but i am producing it with an 3d app and it can't output to vectors.

    Anyway to convert to vector?

    Would be nice if GBS could do this on importing?

    Kind regards
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  • @Isak yes your vector asset would need to be exported as a swf with the image as an embedded symbol. What 3D program are you using to export the svg data? 

    We can add SVG graphics import support but not sure how high of a priority this can become at the moment with all the other features that are on the list right now.
  • @Lavon I see i didn't export it as svg i exported it as a png and then converted it with an online converter, this is one of my favorite things about GBS so i don't have to import lots of different sizes of my assets=) Where isn't any other way to make an swf without flash? it feels a little crazy to buy a program just to convert my assets to vectors=)

    By the way the 3dsoftware i am using is Blender.

  • @Isak your question made me curious to look into this and there are multiple ways to convert an svg into a swf. We will add an SVG asset type in the future but there is a little utility that will convert an SVG file into the necessary swf format for GBS. Its called SWFMill.

    It allows you to specify a number of assets to embedd in the swfs internal library with an ID just like you would using the Flash IDE. Give me some time to investigate it and create a tutorial on the steps you need to go from SVG to SWF with the SVG as an embedded MoveClip of the main swf.
  • @Lavon does SWFMill work on a mac i thought it was for windows?


    I'm waiting patiently, it would really be nice to be able to use SWF in a game and dont have to think about different sizes and instead let GBS change the size.



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