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  • I upgraded gamebuilder studio to 0.9.9 because I had a lot of problems switching from level to level. Things just stopped working which made no sense. For example spineanimations wouldn't show up the second time I loaded a certain level.

    Verion 0.9.9 didnt work at all "Unable to resolve root class of SWF"

    I hoped gamebuilderstudio would spare me time so I wouldnt have to do the basic stuff. The current version costs me a lot of frustration so Im going to convert my project to work with unity.

    All the best and thanks for the support.
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  • Hi @Jelle sometimes there are bugs with beta software. I'm sure you will run into them with Unity as well. Thanks for giving GameBuilder Studio a try. We will continue to improve the software as time goes by. I wish you the best in your game dev journey.

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