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Demos NOT working
  • I want to review this app before I buy it! Is anyone else having this issue?

    ONLY 2 Demos Worked:

    1. Multi Resolution Platformer Demo

    2. Physics Bridge Demo

    ALL other "Demos" failed error said:

    "Context3D not available! Possible reasons: wrong wmode or missing device support."

    Asteroids Sample DEAD

    Level Select Menu DEAD

    Firing Turret Demo DEAD

    Time Shift Demo DEAD

    Physics Spawn Demo DEAD

    Physics Constraints Demo DEAD

    Physics Gravitational Force Demo DEAD

    Slider Control Demo DEAD

    SW Vector Bitmap Demo DEAD (never opened)

    ANY advice helps.

    Decent computer
    Windows 7
    Dot 4.5.1 Framework installed
    Java 8 update 60

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  • @New that is unusual. All the demos should be working. If you are getting the Context3D error you may be running the demos with the wrong GPU profile selected for your graphics card. Set the GPU profile setting to "Auto" in the Publish settings window.

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