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How to handle large list (about 20 K records with 4 columns ) ?
  • i have a game in which i use SQLLITE with 20 K records . I would like to design it in gamebuilder studio. Is there any alterative to store large set of records and access it in the GB . 
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  • @Maheswari currently the only way to access DB records would be to use a remote DB and query it or use one of the plugins like the Yahoo Services plugin and use their Big DB service. 

    Can you elaborate on what you would like to do with the data in the game. Maybe I can give a better suggestion. 
  • Hi i  use data for various purposes , 

    Read the object position and other attributes  for various levels .  about 150 Levels 
    Level  - Pos X   , Pos Y , Size , Type , Color 

    Read image names and display definition for about 1500 images 
    Image Name , Image File name , Definition 

    Is there any other approach other than Online access ? 

  • @Lavon 

         Appreciate... any thoughts on my above response ? 
  • @Maheswari currently there is no offline storage or spreadsheet import in GBs. This is something we can look at adding for the next release. Right now I would recommend storing it in an online DB and querying for the data.

    You can use the Load URL action and to hit a server with some parameters and get a parsed json object back with that information in it. So you could hit a url like

    Have the server return the image name, filename, description, etc as a json object with name value pairs. GBs will parse that object and you can access it at runtime of your game to do whatever you want with it.

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