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my review from gamebuilder studio
  • hi.I want to talk by lavon and gamebuilder studio developer team sincerely.First of all i must say the gamebuilder studio progress speed is Amazing but i want to point to something else...
    i have worked with many game engines especially drag and drop ones and professional 3d engines like unity 5 & unreal engine 4 and even the ones without editor like cocos2d x and marmalade sdk...and from my experience i want to suggest some offer:
    first of all you must change the logo of gamebuilder studio and the website skin.these are very very lousy and simple!a professional game engine needs to a modern website(like gamesalad website or unity) and logo.beacause first thing that a game developer faces is game engine website.
    as you know in drag and drop engines game salad and stencyl and construct 2 are the kings.construct 2 is an amazing game engine but exports only to Html5 and then you must convert it to an apk by intel xdk or coconjs or phonegap...and this cause very bad performance on mobile devices and very low fps.and construct 3 does not have any plan to change this export type so i put construct 2 away.there is somethings in construct 2 that i really love it and it is behaviors that included attributes and movments and general.8 direction is really good.
    gamesalad is very good but their progress is really slow even google play games still does not support!and there is nothing for tileset and tile editors and polygons and custom fonts.gamesalad is like a sandbox!
    stencyl has steeper learning curve but is more powerful and their policies in game engine development is better than construct 2 and gamesalad and you can make more complex games with stencyl but its physics engine is poor and collisons too.stencyl forge is some of the best advantages of game engine.
    i think game builder studio is a combination of construct 2 and gamesalad and stencyl advantages with a very good advantages over them and that is a template for making 2.5 d isometric games.
    so in conclusion:
    please change the gamebuilder studio logo and website and make some polish to these.
    evaluate construct 2 and gamesalad and stencyl pros(game maker is such a crap!(:) and bring them to gamebuilder studio like 8 direction of construct 2 and stencyl forge of stencyl and ...
    although gamebuilder studio policies in engine development is really praiseworthy and i think it will be one of the top gameenigne in 2d aspect in the future and this is why i love it and use it...

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  • @lavon thanks.Today all developers like modern workflows and visualler ones.For example in unreal engine 4 every thing is going to be more and more visual even coding(blueprint system):
    coding is slow and tedious!and this is why i put unity5 away! the 2d game that needs at least one day to complete in unity 5 i make the same one in only 30 minutes with construct 2!.Just one click and then 8 direction movment for example!There is a game engine called buildbox.It's not very flexible engine to make any imaginable 2d games but buildbox is a really visual one!see the picture below:
    i just drag one thing(object , character etc...) and when i drop them on scene appears a circle and then... 
    There is one more thing that is going to be very important today and that is dark skins or themes for editor and game engine workflow unity 5 charges 1500 $ for this!dark skin is modern and easier with eyes that you can see above.don't think these simple things are not important!;)
    but these are only  recommendations.first it is important to add remained features especially google play games leader board and then add other things!=)

  • @behdad thanks so much for your thoughful feedback. There are only maybe two or three items in that behavior screen shot that can't be done directly through the GBs editor at this time. Keep in mind anything that can't be done in the editor using drag and drop can be done with code (AS3 code). Everything else can easily be achieved like 8 direction movement. You can just setup 8 rule components with Mouse Up, Mouse, Down, Mouse Left, Mouse Right, Mouse Up + Mouse Right, etc. and execute actions to move an object in a specific direction to achieve 8 direction movement. Drag and Drop, Turret behavior can all be created with GBs components and actions. Just use them as building blocks / legos. There are a number of examples on how to create these types of behaviors on this forum and on our youtube channel.

    It seems like a number of users are not a big fan of our logo which I understand. Not everyone is going to like it. We may consider doing a redesign at some point in the future but right now the most important thing is improving GBs and adding the remaining features for a complete v1.0 build so you guys can make great games with our tool.

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