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Algorithms and Procedural Content Generation
  • I'm trying to build a board game that is matching based kind of like bejeweled blitz in a sense but with some different rules. Does Gamebuilder Studio come with any Monte Carlo or UTC like algorithms built into it in some way so I don't have to figure out how to do the coding? I'm only a beginner in AS3 so building AI's is something out of my league atm, hence why I went with GBs. Anyhow I want to generate the levels randomly and test them before loaded to make sure they are playable and meet certain criteria for difficulty.
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  • @N8epicspec no there are no such algorithms built into GBs. You can get random numbers using the random() helper method in an expression in GBs or you can use a random number generation service like and ping their api for "true" random numbers to generate the levels for a game like bejeweled blitz.

    We could add a weighted random range helper method to help you control complexity as the levels progress.

    One thing you could also do is use a list data component (Array) and populate it with numbers that map to a cell in the grid and you can use that number to determine visible and hidden cells per level.

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