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Example of joints to simulate a bridge!
  • Hi, would like an example of how to use the joints plugin.. Maybe a chain with many links ?

    Cheers !!
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  • Hi @Andreas, you can find a physics constraint demo on the application menu under GameBuilder Studio -> Examples -> Physics Constraints Demo or on the start screen. I also put together a simulated bridge demo  with three planks for you. This was all done using the DistanceConstraint component with different max/min distances. You can play around with the stiffness or elasticity of the bridge by changing the settings on the constraint component and/or moving both ends of the bridge farther or closer from each other.

    Its currently a manual process of moving the registration points of the renderers and the constraint spatial anchor points but this will improve in the future when we add physics tools to the vertical toolbar.

    Hopefully this helps!
  • Great Lavon, will play with this asap :)

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