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Transition to object
  • Hi

      I am looking to randomly move kinematic objects to static objects coming from off the screen but also make the kinematic object shrink towards the static object. Also have a query cloning objects and keeping all of their settings the same. 

      At the moment I have tried this with one static and one kinematic. So far I can get the kinematic object to move towards the static object but when it reaches it ,it appears to shake for a short while before stopping. This is one of the two issues that I have

     My second issue is that how to I make the object gradually become smaller as it goes towards the static object? In one other language this can be achieved by a transition effect but I cannot see the same in GBS. 

    ** EDIT ** Sorted the cloning object issue where I need to apply the same setting across all of the cloned items - was not pasting them correctly
       My last query is on cloning objects, I have the same object cloned several times and not only do I want to be able to set all properties the same for these in one go (tried highlighting them all and setting the body type to static but it only changed the first one) .

    ** EDIT ** this is still a cloning query that I would like to know how to do 
     I would also like to refer to them all in some kind of array as these are the objects that are the target of the kinematic objects and the kinematic objects will randomly move towards these static ones and the selection of which ones will also be random



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  • At the moment I am trying to get the object_a moving to object_b via the interpolate and on a "selected" object this is fine, however I want to be able to specify from a random list of objects.

     for the cloned objects they all end with a number so I tried to use the naming of these objects and add them to a list data container on a Square object. However when I try and use the values from this object I still cannot seem to get this to work. My thought is that how I am using the reference from the Square object to then apply it as an entity , I thought of the Entity.NAME under the helper but I must be doing something wrong as I cannot get that to work either

    On the object getting smaller I am trying to time this with the interpolate so that looks as though it is going towards object_b and becoming further away.

    Any thoughts would be appreicated @Lavon could you provide help on this please as I am really struggling to move forward with my project    


  • Since my last post i have tried to use find object in range and find object, as find object in range keeps executing this action i moved to find object but I cannot seem to get this to work which is odd as I would have thought the logic would have been the same.

     I have noticed on occasions that the For each and A random object get duplicated in the drop down list. Whether this is the cause of the problem I do not know.

     I do think however that the Find Object would be what I am trying to achieve. 


  • Anyone able to help with this ?

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