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game done . now what
  • Apart from a few art pieces and icons, my game is pretty much done. Even
    with an original soundtrack made by me :D . I'm  wondering what the
    best options are in regards to publishing. I have no online following so
    I'm looking to possibly get it published/sponsored with a mobile
    publisher such as chillingo/ketchapp/gameblyr to get my name out there.
    I'm also pretty poor at the moment so this is a good option for me. I'm
    really proud of my game and it definitely has the potential to become
    popular which may be be a disadvantage should I not publish the game
    independently. Anyone know the best approach/some good articles on the

    theres also fgl but that seems lengthy and boring
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  • @andrewisalegend this is great news! I would love to checkout your game. There are a number of things you can do to get your game out there. Did you create a web game, a mobile game, or a cross platform game?

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