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Switching Levels
  • The issue I have found with switching levels is when e.g. 2 levels are created 0 and 1 , then level 1 is set to the main level i.e. the first, then when trying to switch to level 0 it simply tries to open and the closes back to level 1. I have tested this with a basic set up with just a label on each level and a button. 

    Also try using both the next , previous level options as well as specifying the level numbers through the change level option.

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  • I have appeared to have gotten around this as when moving the level 1 to be the first level and level 0 to be the second, although their names stay the same the ID of these levels appear to change so that level 1's ID is now 0 and level 0's id becomes 1. This is something to be aware of and I would have thought be very confusing 
  • @TimCS i'm not clear on what the issue is here? When you resort a level from 1 to 0 it is no longer level 1.
  • @Lavon @TimCS i encountered this today, and the problem is when you create a second level like Tim says it makes the newly created level the "main" one so if you launch the game it loads Level 1 instead of Level 0. I looks like GBS look at the levellist from the bottom and loads that one. But it should load the top one. The only way to get Level 0 to load is to rearrange the levels.

    I may be a good thing if GBS loads levels from top to bottom in Levels?

    Would have inserted an image to show it but dont know how to do that in this forum?

  • @Isak if we launch level 0 all the time and you have like 10 levels you will eventually want a feature where the current level you are on is what is launched. It makes it easier to test the current level you are working on.
    When you create a new level it clearly switches to the new level which is blank and updates the current level you are on in the level drop down.
    cc: @TimCS
  • @Lavon yes i understand that but wouldnt it just be easier to have two launch buttons one "Launch game" and one "Launch scene". I also dont get what the difference is between Launch and quick launch? I always use launch because when i tried quick launch it often dont work. Does it depends on what kind of changes you made in the game? 
  • @Isak too many buttons just creates more confusion. Case and point... :). The Launch button does a full compile of your game which is the most accurate representation of your game but it takes longer depending on the size of your game and how many assets and things that need to compile. The quick launch is used when you are quickly editing properties on objects and want to see a quick change. Any settings changes or new objects added will require a complete launch to do a full compile to see the accurate changes. The quick launch doesn't reflect correctly on cloned objects with the current version of GBs.

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