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I can get bitmap assets to show up when I launch but not swf assets. Do you have any suggestions?
  • I’m able to import, see and manipulate in gbs but when I launch they are missing but the bitmap on that level is visible.
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  • Hi @Kenneth this is most likely because you didn't add your project folder to the global flash security settings as a trusted folder. There is a tutorial on this here in the forums. Search for fixing white/blank screen.
  • Hey Lavon,

    I went through those tutorials already. The flash game that is launched is not blank, the bitmap asset is visible only the swf asset doesn't show up. I'll review tutorials to see if I missed anything. But if you have any more suggestions please let me know.

    Thank you,
  • I reviewed tutorials, changed Global Flash Settings and even edited build.xml. But it didn't work. Has anyone used a swf movie clip asset in GBS and it was visible when game launched?

    Once again the bitmaps do show up in game launch.

    Thanks for feedback I'm trying to see if GBS is the right fit for the game I'm building.

  • @Kenneth so the swf assets show up in the editor but do not show up in the final game when you launch it? 

    Only time that would happen is if you have a permission issue on your machine. You can also zip up your project folder and send in a link to it on drop box or amazon storage so we can download it and take a look at your project.
  • Having the exact same issue. Tried suggested permission settings, didn't help. I also have noticed, that when reloading the project, the swf asset disappears from the asset folder, but remains in the layers. Maybe it has something to do with how GBS stores it into memory? GBS is such a nice tool for developers, however I'd like to make the game as interesting as possible and swf animations are one of core assets of the game. 

    The swf animation was created using adobe animate cc and exported as a movie clip as showed in GBS video tutorial. I am using 2007 windows, ASUS laptop. My animation uses BasicSpatial, Renderer, Renderer_SWFSpriteSheet properties.
  • @carlito would you mind zipping up and sending in your swf so we can analyze it? To make sure it is exported correctly.
  • Of course I can send it, it's just 10 kb stick man made to test the asset. I did that through send a request option in the main site, it is attached.
  • @carlito, I will take a look and let you know.
  • @Kenneth, @carlito a new build with the fix for this swf asset loading issue is on the way.
  • @Kenneth, @carlito download the latest build and try loading your swf assets again. Make sure to add your project folders to the global trusted flash settings.

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