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Compile Error: "The generated swf could not be found"
  • I have spent 3 hours trying to get my game to launch on this god damn software.

    Issue is, the game won't launch.

    Error - compiling failed - the generated swf could not be found.

    Fixes ive tried:

    Change my java to 64 bit
    change path in GBS
    Flash trusted location settings to allow permissions.

    I am going toooo have a melt down in a second. 3 hours trying to fix the impossible it seems.


    64-Bit windows 10
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  • @Vabble this is not an appropriate title for this forum so I will be changing it.

    You may have a compile error and not a system configuration issue if you have done all of the pre-setup requirements. Open the console and read what the last couple of lines say. 
  • @Lavon Apologies. I can't actually remember what the title was, if it was not appropriate, it was due to frustration.

    Anyway, I have sorted the issue...


    It was a project naming issue XD Sometimes the simplest of things, cause the biggest heart ache!
  • @Vabble yes that is normally the case. Best thing you can have when developing games is patience. Use the forums and support link to report issues. Usually they will be addressed within 48-72 hours.

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