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Upgrading to pro soon but need advice.
  • I am thinking about upgrading over the next week or so. (I know i am)


    I have created a game on the free version (Flash) and it is working well. I would like to deploy this game once i upgrade but i would like to know:

    Do i have to re-build the game again to deploy it to the play store and app store? I.E Will i have to rebuild and program it differently from the flash version to suit both IPhone and Android OS?

    I ask this as i would like to know what is ahead of me when i upgrade.

    Hope you can help me.
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  • Hi @Vabble, No there is nothing you have to do to get it to work on Android and iPhone after you upgrade. You just have to get all the signing certificates and profiles required by each mobile platform to compile for those platforms. Your game should work just fine.
  • Aww.. Awesome!! Thank you @Lavon

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