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How to make an Health bar?
  • Hello, is there any way to make a system of a life bar depending on a value of a variable?
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  • Ok, don´t need to say nothing... It´s simples, I am an idiot! 
    It´s just create an global with a name HP, then pick up a sprite and put it one Rules Map with a Timer: every 0 seconds do: Change propriety: @spatial.x = HP, and if the bar it´s to small, it´s just do @spatial.x = HP*2.
  • @Sonic well when you say a health bar I'm thinking of a horizontal sprite that corresponds to a value between 0 and 100% of an objects' health. So you could start the health out at 100 and every time the object takes damage that value gets reduced by a certain amount. Then just divide the new health value by the original max amount and you have the percentage of the new health as a decimal. Just multiply the scale or width of your horizontal bar by that value.

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