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How to make a save in all the game???
  • Hi, there is someway to do a save in all the game just pressing one button? In the variables, textures, etc... 
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  • @Sonic you have to save out your custom properties to the device using Local Storage action or send to a remote database. You don't need to save textures just the state of your game. Then reload that state when the game starts up again.
  • So in a Clicker Game, I have many variables, and the only way it´s save and load it one by one?
  • @Sonic you can save an entire Data component or List Properties component at once using a Local Storage action or serialize it to a JSON object using a URLLoader action and sending it to a server backend. This is bi-directional. If you save it to local storage it can be loaded back to the same Data component or if you grab JSON data from a server response it can be serialized right back onto a Data component using the property names on the Data component as the object keys.

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