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What is the smallest screen size everyone is developing for?
  • Hello Everyone,

    I looked in to the different template launch sizes in GBS and realized that the smallest iphone is iPhone 4, do any of you have a base size of iPhone 3GS 320x480 and if you dont why? Is these devices no longer used be many people?

    I guess it wouldnt be negative to develop for that size but if i dont have assets for that size i guess i would save som space for the gamesize?

    Looking forward for an answer:)
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  • Hi, you can develop in every size you want, doesn´t matter if people don´t use 320x480. You can do it in the same.
  • @Sonic Hi i understand that i can develop for that size, the thing i wonder is it really necessary do include assets for this size? Or should i just start with iPhone 4 size and save in on some space?
  • @Isak yes no need to include the smaller size if you already have the larger size. GBs will scale the larger assets down for you.
  • @Isac Exist a template MultiResolution Platformer, and you can make to your project  adapt automatically to your device size.
  • @Lavon @Sonic Okey, so do you mean that GBS automatically scales down my assets to the correct size? When why even add any extra assets in Resolutions? I don't know if i have missunderstood you but it sound like i shouldn't add any smaller assets than my base resolution? Wouldn't it when be better to make my base resolution the biggest?

    For example:

    i have three devices iPhone 3GS 480x320 iPhone 4 960x640 and iPad Retina 2048x1536
    should i when only add assets for iPad Retina and let GBS scale it down? When why is where an option to add other resolutions?

    In my project i have a base res on 960x640 and added in resolutions assets that is 0.5 of my base and 2.

  • @Isak the settings in GBs are available as options. You are not required to include all assets. It is based on what you are trying to achieve. 

    Smaller devices have less memory than new larger devices. So if you only included 4x assets trying to cover all smaller screens it will work but you will be loading extremely large resolution images on smaller devices that may not be able to handle them. GBs calculates the current scale needed at runtime then loads the closest resolution that has been included/bundled with your final game. So if you include 1x and 2x only and your game is intended to run on a slightly smaller screen it is not that much of a jump to scale down from 1x to 0.5x so performance may not be an issue when the larger 1x images are used. 

    Now if your game gets played on a larger screen requiring 4x assets and you only include 2x images it will still work but you may notice some pixelation and loose image quality because scaling images up does not normally look good. It's a balance between base size, intended target screen sizes, target app memory and graphics card limitations, and total app size at the end of the day.
  • @Lavon thanks for the answer, i think i understand it better now. I understand now why i would really want to use the Resolutions options. 

    To really be sure that it works good it sounds like i need to test on different devices.

    Thanks again for the answer:)


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