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Cant see sprites
  • Hello, 

    I Tried to install GBS but when the example scene loads the sprites aint visible its just frame and when empty inside. It feels like i am missing something, does the installer install java and flash or do i need this seperate? Dont know how to add images to this forum so cant upload an image from my computer. Anyone had the same problems?
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  • I had this problem. Seems Gbs doesn't work with the latest version of Air. Reverted back to the previous version and it fixed the problem. gl
  • @Isak this should be fixed with the latest version 1.0 which will be compiled with the latest version of Adobe AIR.
  • Hello, I have a similar problem with the Android export with Version - 1.0.0_Build-865 - PRO
    The exported .apk doesn't display any image. Was this fixed?

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