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How do I move a Revolving Platform?
  • So I just installed GBS today and already have an interesting game halfway working. I have these platforms that are bobbing up and down using a revolving platform and I'm thinking it would be cool to have these come in from off screen to the right and move left to off screen while keeping that rotating platform effect. Since I can't use a Move action on the spatial because of the Rotating Platform, I thought I could use a Change Property on the Rotating Platform's CenterPosition.x ...
    But I can't quite figure that part out.  If anyone could help me with that or knows a better way, I'd sure appreciate it.
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  • @DbD you can move the platform using the centerPosition property but you need to set a Point object, not access the x and y properties because the centerPosition property under the hood sets a property reference for the centerXReference and centerYReference values used internally by the platform. So use the " setPoint( X, Y ) " helper method in an expression to set the centerPosition property on the platform.

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