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Will there be more documentation soon?
  • Hi,
    I just upgraded to Pro and I was just wondering: Will there be more documentation released sometime soon? Like maybe when version 1.0 is released?
    Also wondering what will be the difference between levels of customer support for Pro licence and  yearly subscription? And why have GameTV Tutorials only for subscribers? 
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  • @DbD yes. What area in particular are you looking for more clarity on at this moment?

    PRO users will have basic support (forums). PRO Subscribers will have input on features, as well as one on one support with the tool as needed. Subscribers will have access to all new video courses that will be coming out. There will no longer be a free version of GBs. We are moving to a subscription model. With a higher priced one time version purchase price that does not come with any support besides the forums.

    The subscription model is the only way to deliver ongoing maintenance, educational content videos, and upkeep of APIs, and SDK upgrades as the supported platforms change over time. That is why we have to move to a subscription model.
  • @Lavon Thanks for getting back to me, there's a fair amount of undocumented components and actions that I'm looking for information on. Maybe I should post my questions separately with clear titles so other people with the same questions can find answers more easily.
     To be clear, will there at least be more tutorial videos on basic functionality available to non-subscribers?
  • @DbD alot of the basic components are documented already in the documentation section Have you seen this area yet? 

    Yes there will be more documentation on the rest of the newer components in the near future after v1.0 launch and it will be available to anyone. As well as questions answered about specific issues here on the forums as they come up.

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