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Can't launch the game builder software
  • Hi there, I downloaded and installed the game builder software, but then I cannot launch it. Not sure why. Is anyone having the same problem?! I can see the system requirements that require Mac OS X, but mine is Mac OS sierra. Would that be a problem? Thanks
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  • @Amanda it appears that the old version of GBs does not run on the newer version of OSX because of the new security model. This should be resolved now with version 1.0 of GBs that is about to be released. We had to register as Apple developers and sign our installer with an Apple certificate in order for the app to run on Macs.
  • @Amanda doesn´t ist just launch or do you get an error message?
  • No I don't get any error message. Just couldn't launch it at all. So that I downgraded from sierra to OS X Lion, but this time I received an error stated that the it cannot be opened. I don't know what to do now
  • @Amanda GBS supports 10.6,10.7,10.8 and 10.9 according to the dashboard. So that shouldnt be the problem do you have java and adobe air installed?

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