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  • This is a pre-release candidate for the next release of GameBuilder Studio, v1.0. This update was a significant change to the underlying architecture of how GBs outputs builds so it took some time. A lot of bugs have been fixed and performance improved. The new builds no longer require Adobe AIR to be installed on your machine. Also the install files are signed so they should launch on newer Macs with the new security features. Please test this build out and report any bugs via the support link. Please do not create tickets here on the forum to report any issue with this build. Any post created here will be deleted. Checkout the release notes below to get the details on what has changed. Documentation updates and new feature videos will be releasing in the coming days and weeks.

    **IMPORTANT: Make sure to run the previous version installer to uninstall the last version on your machine before installing this new version. No need to remove the stored files. That will get updated/overwritten by GBs on first run.

    This early release candidate is only available to PRO users at this time.

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    Release Notes v1.0.0 (Build 862)


    • Upgraded To Flash Player / Adobe AIR 24.0 For All Deployments.
    • Upgraded Rendering Engine to Starling v2.1.
    • Upgraded Particle engine to use Starling v2.0+
    • Upgraded Spine plugin to use latest support for Starling v2.0+
    • Added Resource Management settings to Publish Window.
    • Added Resource Bundling support. Load bundled resources from a remote server. Useful when your game needs to load game resources at runtime to lighten the main build size.
    • Added New Spatial Link Tool. Link objects together with a Distance constraint component in the scene editor.
    • Added New Screens Editor mode.
    • Added New Screen Change action to trigger the loading and showing of another game screen. This can be re-routed via the screens editor.
    • Added New Guided Tour Feature to walk new users through the initial learning phase of using the editor. This opens alot of possibilities for teaching and automated runnable macro functionality in the future.
    • Added New Path drawing tool. Now you can animate objects along a pre-defined path.
    • Added Additional animation modes to Move Along Path action.
    • Added Additional settings to start moving along a path starting from the end of the path and the ability to resume after a stop of the Move Along Path action.
    • Added Persistent Entity support across levels.
    • Added A new right-click context menu to all objects in the scene.
    • Added Level Pre-Load event option to Rule Map conditions list.
    • Added Multi-Object deletion support into the layers panel. Select multiple layers using the shift key and hit the delete/trash icon.
    • Added Screen Position property input to Isometric spatial properties panel. So that users understand the difference between isometric position and regular screen coordinate position.
    • Added Spatial Pinning logic to all 2D Spatials to pin an object in position relative to the screen bounds. A horizontal and vertical percentage is used for calculation.
    • Added Asynchronous GPU texture upload support to the resource loading.
    • Added Environment params to Game.System.Environment global variable to determine current OS/platform that the game is running on. ".Mac", ".Windows", ".IOS", ".Android", ".Web". Each property holds a boolean value to check against.
    • Improved Export of cloned objects.
    • Improved Scene Object Selection to be pixel perfect.
    • Improved Scene performance when selecting and moving objects around.
    • Improved The look and feel of the entire editor with new sharp vector graphics that scale up across screen densities.
    • Improved Overall game engine performance.
    • Improved Level loading performance on mobile. Reduced ui hiccups. May result in longer load times but better performance depending on the size of a given level.
    • New Game Services Plugin will provide google play game services across iOS and Android (To follow after release).
    • New Firebase Server Plugin will provide persistent database storage, crash reporting, realtime communication across mobile devices. (To follow after release).

    Most Notable Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed The selection of components in the properties panel to update when clicked.
    • Fixed Debug display breaking when exporting a project.
    • Fixed Debug display breaking when starting a new project.
    • Fixed Debug drawing outline/display of constraints. 
    • Fixed Application null error when loading or creating a new project when in Asset editor mode.
    • Fixed Application null error when closing or starting a new project after creating a new level in a previous project.
    • Fixed Layer panel updating when changing layer parent or removing objects from a scene.
    • Fixed Scroll Speed of Layers Panel scroll bar.
    • Fixed Synching the locked state of components on cloned objects when undoing and redoing the action of adding a new component to a source entity.
    • Fixed Layer stack order when changing object layer position.
    • Fixed Initial layer stack order and naming of newly cloned and copied objects.
    • Fixed The export of SWF files. Made embedding of SWF files the default settings so that you don't have to change machine trust settings to start with.
    • Fixed Game Scene tracking stutter.
    • Fixed Sprite Sheet component cache release when destroying objects and re-instantiating them.
    • Fixed Name Manager storing aliased objects with no name resulting in the wrong objects being returned when looking up objects by name.
    • Fixed Level event condition storage in Rules Component properties panel.
    • Fixed Debug Display alignment When resizing flash window of an exported game.
    • Fixed Object scale being reset to a positive number when moving multiple objects with mixed negative and positive scale values.
    • Fixed Clearing and updating of a cached sprite sheet frames when changing a sprite sheet's settings manually or via undo/redo.
    • Fixed Default frame rate to compile using 60 fps.
    • Fixed Compiling of final game from including telemetry data by default. This slows down performance.
    • Fixed The scrolling smoothness of the layers panel and increased the speed when scrolling with the mouse wheel.
    • Fixed Touch Accuracy on mobile devices with or without scaling turned on.
    • Fixed Resolving of entity references when reference exist on a spawned entity without a name and is referencing itself.
    • Fixed Cache release of image resources when using cached sprite sheets. Whenever all references to a sprite sheet are removed it is cleaned from memory.

    Other Features In the Works:

    • Entity Library
    • GamePlay Services Plugin (iOS & Android)
    • Firebase Services Plugin
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