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Mouse Down on stacked entities
  • Hi Lavon,

    I have an issue with several, clickable entities above each other. I would expect that only the upper one executes the Mouse Down/Up logic when the checkbox "on Entity" is checked. But the logic of all stacked entities fires in that case.

    Two examples:
    1. I have an entity which spawns some buttons if clicked. Additional to a timelimit, I wanted the player to be able to close (destroy) these buttons if he simply clicks on the background. But since the buttons are above the background, a click on one button also destroyes them all even before their mouse down logic fires.

    2. I have several entities swarming around. The player should be able to activate some actions of one of them at a time on a click, but if several of them above each other, all theit actions fire (which could result in an exploit of these stacked actions by the player).