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Why are the object types list empty for the collision event?
  • I have a sprite with collision spatial, i have a quick box entity with a collision spatial.. I have a rule: event --> Collision started--> with and in the dropdown there's nothing.. Empty space.. Why can't i choose my sprite there ?
    Also in the entities spatial i can't add anything in object type or collides with type windows...

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  • @Andreas The drop down is empty because there are no object types created in the engine settings. I cover this topic in the Hungry Hero tutorial series here:

    Open the Settings window, go to engine and add the different object types. Then they will show up in the object type list in the spatial properties and in the collision event drop down. This is only needed if you want to filter collision so that they only happen with certain objects. If you want the object to collide with anything then leave the dropdown blank. I'll have an indicator put into the drop down that says, "Anything" instead of it being blank just so its clearer.
  • Wow, how could i miss that part… Thanx a lot..

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