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Submitting To The Marketplace
  • Submit to the GameBuilder Marketplace by logging into your dashboard and clicking on the Marketplace link at the top of the page.



    Submission Form


    **Note: Submitting to the marketplace requires javascript to be enabled

    Submitting to the marketplace is a three step process. Select the type of product you are submitting and click next. You have a choice between submitting an asset which is just a set of images. Assets are generic images that can be used in a game for UI or any type of skinning of a game.

    Product Details


    All the basic fields are required such as price, version number, name, etc. A good practice is to provide a demo url showcasing what your submission is. If it is artwork you should show an illustration of how your artwork can be used. If it is a plugin you should have a running game showcasing the plugins' functionality.


    The thumbnail is the featured image for your product. It needs to be exactly 340 pixels wide by 300 pixels high. There can only be one download file provided so if you have multiple files zip it up into one archive. All plugin submission have to be .SWCs. If you do not know what a SWC is you can read up more about it here ( It is also recommended to upload screenshots of your product in action. These shots will be resized automatically to thumbnails but the original screenshot needs to be 1024 pixels wide by 1024 pixels high.

    Once you are done filling out the details go to the agreement screen and read the marketplace agreement. Once you agree check the box and hit submit. If there are no errors your product will be submitted to us for review. The review process can take a few days and you will be notified if an approval has been granted.

    Approval Process


    If your product is approved for submission to the marketplace you will need to log back into your dashboard and click the "Activate" button. This allows you to determine when your product is displayed in the marketplace and allows you to pull it off if you want to. There is a high quality standard that we want to maintain with assets and plugins so please only submit your best work.