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Manually Integrating NewGrounds API AD Pre-Loader
  • You may want to publish your game through a distribution channel like NewGrounds or Kongregate. Currently the full apis to these channels is not integrated into GameBuilder Studio as a plugin but you can manually override your GameBuilder game startup sequence. This is a bit of an advance topic for those that are a bit comfortable with writing AS3 code.


    I've created an example of how you would manually override the default GameBuilder Studio startup sequence to use the NewGrounds API connector to show loading progress and an initial ad for your game. When your game is loaded the loader will display a Play button for the player to continue onto your game. When the full api is officially supported by GameBuilder Studio this code will be auto generated for you by the editor.

    This is for PRO users only because custom code base changes will be automatically removed when using the FREE version.

    You can find the sample code here on github:
    The NewGrounds_API.swc file is attached to this post or it can be downloaded from the API tools section of the Newgrounds site.

    Here are the steps to get this working:

    1. Download and unzip the Newgrounds_API.swc file and copy it to the GameBuilder Studio application storage folder which is located at C:\Users\[CURRENT USER]\AppData\Roaming\GameBuilderStudio\Local Store\compiler\libs\supportinglibs on windows and /Users/[USERNAME]/Library/Application\ Support/GameBuilderStudio/Local\ Store/compiler/libs/supportinglibs on a mac.

    2. Open the bin folder of your GameBuilder Studio project and locate the root game class which should be the same name as your project with a .as extension.

    3. Copy the NewGrounds API code from the github example. The idea is to add the apiConnector component to the stage and add listeners for the api connection. Once the loading is finished and the swf has connected to the Newgrounds server with your api keys then an Ad and the "Play" button will display on the screen. When the player clicks the play button your GameBuilder game will then startup.
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  • Great work !!
    Looking forward to this and monetization getting integrated in Gbs.
    Cheers !!
  • Thanks a lot for your help!
  • @meishijiemeimei glad I could help. Please share a link to your game on New Grounds when you release it :)!

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