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Fixing Context3D Error Wrong Wmode Error
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    If you have run into the "Context3D or Wrong Wmode" error there is a way to fix this problem if your computer has a supported graphics card.

    1. Check your graphics card to see if it is supported by going to this site: If the site shows that your graphics card is supported it should tell you which GPU profiles are supported.
    2. Depending on the supported profiles for your graphics card open up the publish settings window and change the GPU Profile setting.
    3. Make sure to relaunch your game using the regular launch button and not the quick launch button.

    **Note: If your graphics card is not supported at all there is a way to change the render engine for GBs from a GPU renderer to CPU renderer but you will need to upgrade to a PRO license to have that option. GPU rendering results in a higher performance game especially on mobile devices.


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