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Is there a Level limit?
  • hey guys, i'm just trying to build up my first real game in gbs, and here is my problem: whenever i add a level 3 (so the fourth level, kinda), the actual game wont start, but instead a blank screen appears. it seems not to be related to the version (i am using the .94) - is that because of a level-limit in the free version?

    thanks, Marc
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  • Hi @Marc change the build type in the publish settings to Debug and relaunch the game. Hit the TILDE "~" key and see if there are any runtime errors in the console window.
  • no runtime errors or compile errors in the console. i tried it with simple level change buttons always a blank screen with 4 or more levels.
  • Hi @Marc, my apologies that's a bug. :) I will make sure to get out another build later today. Thanks for reporting this.
  • Hi @Marc, try the new build v0.9.4-Build 484. This should be fixed.

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