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OUYA Deploy issue
  • Hello,

    I just purchased the PRO version of GBS and am really excited on making some games for the OUYA console. I am working on a Mac OSX 10.9 and have the latest update to GBS.

    The problem I am running into is that I can't seem to get the deploy function working for my test game. I have ADB wifi and developer turned on for the OUYA and GBS successfully finds the device. When I hit deploy, the progress bar shows up saying deploying game to the device. And there it sits. I let it run for about 20 minutes at one point thinking it was just a slow process. Anyway, I also hooked the OUYA up manually to my Mac, and again GBS finds the device successfully yet still hangs in the same place. There are no visible errors, nothing is displayed in the console. Nothing happens in the background that I can tell.

    What could be the problem? Any advice?
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  • Hi @Searlesama thanks for purchasing a PRO license!

    Lets try and get this figured out. If we need to get out a new build to you with a bug fix we will. Did you fill out all the required Ouya publish settings including the required icon? Can you submit a screenshot of your Ouya publish settings window to this form as well please
  • Hey Lavon,

    I did fill out everything in the Ouya tab of the publish section. As well as put a in an icon png. I also made sure I had a properly saved project. I even went ahead and published the .apk then sideloaded it to the Ouya which worked perfectly fine as a workaround. It's just odd that the deploy option is not pushing the build to the ouya, I would love to see that working. 

    I'll send that screenshot as soon as I get back home. Thanks for the quick response.
  • This issue is resolved in the new build v0.9.4-Build 484 / 485-PRO

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