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Trying out GBS, 2 days of work and now my level shows up empty on the screen. Please help.
  • Hi,
    I just started trying out GBS, completed the whole hungry hero
    tutorial (everything worked as expected) and had started working on my own game for the past 2 days. 
    Then this morning, not sure what I did, but all of a sudden, I do a
    quick build and my level is totally blank.  So I go back to the editor,
    and see that all the objects are there, but have no graphic displaying.
    The spritesheet is showing in Assets, the spritesheet component says
    it's linked to the spritesheet image, but the renderer, eventhough is
    linked to the spritesheet component, is not letting me select any
    sprite, because there is nothing there... This is happening to every single object I have on screen.  Another level is displaying fine.   I also noticed this warning at
    the bottom of the editor:

    findProperty - [#playBtn] Could not resolve named object named 'levelProperties' for property '#levelProperties.StateMachine'

    levelProperties is there and it's a basic square with a stateMachine.

    help would be appreciate it.  BTW, how do you see any errors?  I found
    the console, but it never shows much once the app is running.  Trying to figure out how to debug errors, etc.

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  • @harlock74 this is most likely because you have a runtime error. Maybe you are pointing to a property that is not there or something and it is causing the engine to crash. 

    The best way to debug an issue is to open the publish window and change the build type from "Production" to "Debug" this is a slower performing build setting but gives you access to the console at runtime. When you re-build the game hit the "~" (TILDE) key to open the console. This can also be simulated using the Simulate Input action to trigger this key on mobile devices from a button to open the console.

    You should be able to see a runtime error in the console. Double click the error and paste it in a text editor so you can better read the whole thing if it is a large error.

    If you want to check the value of a property you can use the consoles' "get" keyword or just fire the Log action and output a value you want to see. Make sure to put quotes around your string values in an expression input field.

    **Note: Warnings in the console are just informational. Red error messages are of concern.
  • Hi @Lavon, thanks for the info on debugging.  Will be very helpful.  Now, I figured out what the problem was... not a runtime issue, but for some reason, every single entity on this one level, lost its coordinate data file setting, on the spritesheet component.  I had to go to every one and set it again to the json file.  That fixed the problem.  Thank you again for your quick response. I'm linking GBS a lot!

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