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Spawn entity direction angle problem
  • @Lavon in my project where pillars are spawned there is a problem in spawn entity with -180 direction angle. Suddenly the reverse pillar disappear. Was made any changes in this section? I use the latest relese.
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  • @Xman are you spawning with "relative to entity" selected? That was the correction made in the latest build.
  • @Lavon yes exactly. What are the corrections?
  • @Xman when you are spawning an object relative to an entity we fixed the position to take into account the current entity's rotation. So if you were spawning an object from a gun and you want to position the bullet to spawn at the end of the gun barrel you would use relative to entity and the values you enter for x and y would be used as an offset as opposed to being position from the top left corner of the screen.

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