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Renaming Master's spatial makes the clones go FUBAR
  • Hi Lavon,

    There is a bug when you have cloned items and you rename the master's spatial:

    Problem: The clones keep the old spatial and become unreliable, a lot can happen like problems in depth(renderorder) & problems in positioning etc..
    Ways to reproduce: create a simple item, clone it rename the master's spatial and click "revert to source entity"

    Extra info: I've got a project file of 40 kb with this problem.. I opened the project-file with notepad++ and it reflects the problem I described (references to the spatial's old name) so I don't know if you need it, just let me know...

    Version 0.9.8

    Kind regards Jelle
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  • @Jelle ok looking into this now...
  • @Jelle can you elaborate on this issue? Cloned objects do not reference the source objects' spatial. The default spatial object on each cloned object is automatically unlocked by default and it is not linked to the source. How can I reproduce this?
  • Sorry Lavon to get back to you so late, the problem still exists in the current version.

    click "new game" to create a new game.
    create a basic square
    press ctrl-d to clone the object
    click on properties of the original (master) entity
    rename the spatial from "Spatial" to "SpatialNamed"
    Clicked the cloned version and at the properties panel select revert to source entity

    have you seen this issue by the way:

    Hopefully by following these steps you see the problem.

  • @Jelle yes I was able to reproduce the issue after the current release went out. An updated build should be out by tomorrow with a fix for this issue. You may need to re-clone your objects or revert them to the source object to correct the linkage problem that was fixed.
  • I opened the project file with notepad++ and corrected the problem that way, thanks
  • @Jelle ok cool. A new build with a fix for this is up.

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