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Boolean in RulesMap
  • I am not seeing the Boolean from drop down lists in the RulesMap Entity Component (Change property for example), is there supposed to be one?  I am using Version 0.9.8.Build-591.  I can see it in other Entity Components like the Data Container, I was not sure if this was a bug or not.
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  • @Grimdin make sure you are using the latest build. Boolean values should be in the drop down. Make sure to scroll all the the way also.
  • @Lavon this might seem like a silly question but do you need to download each new version? I went to the update tab in game builder studio and it check and found no updates. I downloaded V98 when it came out but I did not download another v98 since the first, I figured the smaller updates would be int he update checker. I double checked and made sure to scroll up to the top as well.
  • @Grimdin yes each new version requires an installation update. The update tab in-app only indicates a new point version increase not new builds of the current version. Check your gamebuilder studio dashboard for the latest build available. The boolean value is in the latest build.

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