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File Size - Android APK
  • Hi 

      I now have the PRO version and with a very basic project I have with one mp3 which is only 3kb in size and the project consists of one square object and two circles objects , I thought that the output file size of 11mb seemed a bit large for such a basic project.

      Is there anyway of shrinking this down as if this is going to be the size for such a small project I am sure it will be much much larger for a more complex game. I found Unity to be creating a large file size and so this is why I moved away from that game engine to this one.

     Just as  a Test I removed the mp3 from the asset and checked that it had been removed by viewing the resources folder which it had. Compiled this project again and I am still getting around 11mb.


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  • @TimCS yes the base file size is around 10MB with the Adobe AIR runtime, etc compiled together. This file size is really not a problem these days. As you add assets to your game there is some compression and packing that goes on to keep the overall file size small and we will be introducing external bundles for Android so you can separate your assets into asset bundles that can be downloaded separately from the main install file. If your still not happy with the resulting file size then just contact us to get a full refund.
  • Hi Lavon

      Okay thanks for the quick reply on this. I will have to see how it all goes by trying things out.



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