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Windows 8.1 Pro Publishing
  • Hi,

    has anyone had problems with publishing to IPad. I cannot get the device to show up in GBS pro 0.9.8 build 648

    **Device Error: iTunes must be installed to search for iOS devices.

    NB: Downloaded and installed the latest iTunes, Device shows up and works in iTunes
     but unrecognised in GBS.

    Really can't test properly without deploying to a device.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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  • I believe you need a mac to publish to Ipad, but I'm not sure @Lavon might be able to answer your question.
  • @ananse yes as long as iTunes is installed you should be able to deploy to your iPad from windows. Your device should show up in the device list in GBs.
  • Hi Lavon,

    I tried this again on latest update v0.9.9 and it still does not work. i.e does not show up in device list.

    Itunes has been updated to latest, and Android publishing works just fine.

  • I can't reproduce this issue.

    Make sure you:
    1. Installed iTunes
    2. Start iTunes and connect your device to PC using the USB cable
    3. Allow iTunes to use the device
    4. Start GBS and on the Deploy tab, on device list you will see your iPad

    Keep in mind that you still need a provisioning file ( so you need to register to Apple as a developer and create a provisioning profile).

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