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Cannot complete installation!
  • Cannot connect to the lisence sever...
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  • Me neither, I get this error when I put my key in.image
  • @Isak, @Natasha, @Yahya are all of you guys on windows?
  • @Lavon no i am on Mac 10.10.3
  • @Lavon 

    I'm on Windows 7, no firewall, still went into my firewall settings to allow GBS through, just in case.

    Not sure what else to try.
  • Is there a test that I can do (ping / tracert or similar)?
  • Stencyl installed OK, but then failed to build a test game due to a Flash error. Seems to be a problem with permissions on the filesystem (I install as administrator, but run as a normal user), but that's a bad sign, so I'll leave it.

    Am now trying GameSalad, which I've used a couple of years ago, and liked on Mac, but the PC version was buggy, so we'll see if it's improved in the past 2 years.
  • @the_sgnl, @Hana, we are investigating the issue right now. We know what is causing the issue just working on a solution.
  • @Natasha, @Yahya, @the_sgnl, @Hana we have fixed the issue. A new build is on the way, in the next hour. Sorry about this guys.
  • Hi Lavon, That worked now and it looks good (I was able to build the examples and try them). Thanks for fixing on a weekend.

    I've bought the Pro version. Look forward to getting more demos and templates as and when they are available.

    FYI  When it opens there is a news window that shows no content, so I think that might not be working.

    A better error message with the registration would have been helpful (e.g. something indicating what I could do next, such as look at the support forums, and telling me that I could close the window). Obviously it's in beta, but still, to simply stop the install with that message showing on screen was a bit hard core. It's particularly irritating for legal users when rights or registration code fails.
  • Same here. I tried disabling the firewall (never a good thing to do!), but that didn't help either.

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