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Request for video scaling Tutorial
  • It would be nice if you could make a multi scaling video tutorial for the mutli scale demo that was recently added to GBS.

    Thank you,
    Carlton Payne III
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  • @Carlton ok, but which part of the multi-resolution feature is most confusing?
  • @Carlton If i have understood it right the only thing you have to do is to let GBS know which sprites/spritesheets you want to use for different sizes? GBS handles the rest, GBS just use different assets for different resolutions.

    However i don't know if the spatals change size to but i guess they do?

    @Lavon correct me if i´m wrong?
  • @Isak yes just add different resolutions for each "BITMAP" asset in your assets panel and GBs handles choosing the correct asset at the right scale at runtime. The spatial sizes stay the same. That is the beauty of the "No Edge" multi-resolution setting. If you design your game with an asset that has an original size of 100w x 100h it will remain that size across devices. 

    I created a written tutorial on this process already its in the tutorial section of the site but I can create a video tutorial as well. What do you guys feel is the most confusing part that I should make sure to explain?
  • @Lavon The only thing i was thinking of was if the colliders expand with the assets? So the collisions collide at the correct moment if you "expand" the art

    One other thing i was wondering is it possible to make flash player open over GBS so i don't have to klick on it everytime i launch the game?
  • @Lavon, I think it would be good to cover scaling from scratch with No Edge, but also talk the different tools available to create your different resolutions, like I know in texture packer there is a scaling option that will do @1x,@2x,@3x 
  • @Isak the collision shape doesn't need to expand because the size of the object does not change with the "No Edge" multi-resolution setting. Just the resolution used to render the image changes behind the scenes. If you are manually scaling up your objects then you also need to scale up the collision shapes by setting the collisionShapeScale property on a collision spatial.

    @Carlton thanks for the feedback. I will work on a multi-resolution tutorial as soon as I can.

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