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Fixing importing of assets?
  • Hey,

    This is a question to Lavon,

    I really like GBS but lately i have been having som problems and most of it involves assets. But first i would like to request an recent projects tab when you start GBS.

    But for the most important! 
    When i try to reimport an asset everything becomes unworkable(if that even is an word?) Just yesterday i changed my art and when updated it in the resource folder but i didn't got updated in GBS. In the editor it looked like nothing had changed and in the flash player it was updating but the position was wrong and GBS wouldn't update this.
    I would really like to see it doing like Unity where it automatically updates when i update the assetsfolder.

    Another great thing would be to be able to emulate different sizes to se how the game looks in different devices?

    Kind regards
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  • @Isak when you imported the asset did you save your project? Is the original source file of the imported asset in the resource folder and is that the file that you overwrote?

    GBs is suppose to automatically reload the resource if the the original file is changed on the filesystem.

    Emulating different screen sizes in the launch settings will be added in the next build.
  • @Isak just realized that the live reload feature is a PRO only feature. So your assets won't update automatically with a free license.
  • Thx for the respons.

    So how do you do to update? Do i have ti remove the asset in gbs befire i update the asset in my folder?
  • @Isak yes using the free version you have to delete the asset from the assets bin and then re-import the new version.
  • @Lavon Okey but not remove it in GBS?

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